The 2 Best UnSecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit 2013

Press Release by Cloud Technology Systems picks the top two unsecured credit cards for bad credit in 2013.

A quick disclaimer when recommending a unSecured credit card, if you can afford to save up a couple hundred dollars to put  a deposit down on a secured credit card then that is really the best route to take.  So far in 2013 there are no unsecured credit cards that beat secured credit cards when it comes to fees.  Just based on fees alone it is much better to get a secured credit card than an unsecured credit card.

I would only recommend checking out the credit cards below if you can not afford to save up a couple hundred dollars for a secured credit card deposit but you still want to get a credit card to start building good credit.

Here are the top two picks.

1. Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards

2. Horizon Gold Card

Click Here for 100% Guaranteed Approval for a $500 Unsecured Credit Line With The Horizon Gold Card.

Why you want this card:

When used carefully, this card can take you from where your credit is to where you want it to be. Horizon Gold does not require an employment or credit check. The Horizon Gold card has a $500 limit. Approval for the card is guaranteed. Horizon Gold reports to Transunion and will help you build credit. They do not charge minimum balance fees. They have the best APR at 0%, but the card cannot be used in many locations. There is an application fee of $5 and monthly membership fees of $24.95. The application is online, which makes obtaining the card fast and easy. If you get the card and simply pay the monthly membership fees, without making any charges, your credit score will improve. They will increase your limit, and you can send a request to Experian and Equifax to include the card on their reports as well.

Why this card may not be right for you:

This card is not a a credit card that can be used anywhere. It can only be used at the online store that is connected with this card. The benefit is that it reports to Transunion and will have a positive impact on your score if used responsibly.

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