1. Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards

Top Two Reviews for The Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards
Review #1 for the Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards

I have been a member for over a year. I think a pro/con list would be a better way to show the card’s benefits and downfalls.

They will approve you with fair to poor credit

The application process was fairly simple for me

The late fee is not horrendous

The interest rate is average/not too expensive

Their customer service hours are open fairly late

It will help build your credit/My score raised 42 pts since going with them


To pay with a credit card there is a charge of $9.95

To pay with bank account/e-check there is a charge of $5.95

To pay with a physical check, you have to send your payment in 10-businss days before the due date**

When you do make a payment, the payment is not available until the next billing cycle. (This may not be true with credit card payment, I think the money is available a few days later)

Customer service is poor if not horrible. Outsourced department, heavy accent, doesn’t really try to explain their policies well or maybe they do not understand them?

I have had to call customer service 4 times in the past year to get the hold taken off my credit card due to fraud activity (pretty much whenever I used it physically as a POS–never when I made online purchases, lol, go figure)

**I had set-up my bank account with autopay. My bank sent a check on the first of every month. I got a late fee on my due date, which was the 8th. I called CS and they told me that I have to give checks 10business days to post to my account. I was shocked because…mail from where I live to where they are is 2 to 3 days at most. That means it sits in some department, wanders to next department at some point, and then finally makes it to A/R? I have no idea. I ended up paying my bills 20-days early just to make sure. I didn’t want to pay the stupid “express payment” fee.

**I have since paid off my card and canceled it just this month. Too much hassle. My credit score was high enough to get a better credit card. It did help with that.

Review #2 for the Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards

I have had this card for 6 mos, I had like 602 CS and was approved for $500.00. After one month they raised my CL to $600.00 2 month later it went to $ 700.00 and today I got another raise to $900.00 so in 6 months I got 3 raises and didn’t asked for one of them they just showed up on my account page.

I wasn’t charged a fee and my interest is still around 22%.  These low limit high, interest cards are for building your credit history NOT to live on!

If you just use the card a couple of times a month and pay in full every payment… you will get better credit.  If you have a $500.00 line of credit and carry a balance of $350.00 you are using 65% of that card and that doesn’t look good to a credit company.

Just pay your bill every month.. carry no more than 10% on the card.. pay your fees for the card and your credit will improve. Mine went from 602 to 649 in 6 months with just this card.

2. Horizon Gold Card

Click Here for 100% Guaranteed Approval for a $500 Unsecured Credit Line With The Horizon Gold Card.

Why you want this card:

When used carefully, this card can take you from where your credit is to where you want it to be. Horizon Gold does not require an employment or credit check. The Horizon Gold card has a $500 limit. Approval for the card is guaranteed. Horizon Gold reports to Transunion and will help you build credit. They do not charge minimum balance fees. They have the best APR at 0%, but the card cannot be used in many locations. There is an application fee of $5 and monthly membership fees of $24.95. The application is online, which makes obtaining the card fast and easy. If you get the card and simply pay the monthly membership fees, without making any charges, your credit score will improve. They will increase your limit, and you can send a request to Experian and Equifax to include the card on their reports as well.

Why this card may not be right for you:

This card is not a a credit card that can be used anywhere.  It can only be used at the online store that is connected with this card.  The benefit is that it reports to Transunion and will have a positive impact on your score if used responsibly.

3. Matrix Discover Card

Why you want this card:

You can start building credit easily as the Matrix Discover Card does not have any fees upfront. Even if you don’t have any money today, but you know you will next month, you can still get started. This card will help you boost your credit as it reports to all three credit bureaus. The online application is quick and easy. The APR for this card is 30%, which necessitates monthly balance payment to build credit. This card has a monthly fee of $12 on top of an annual fee of $75. The credit line on this card is $300. Be sure to graduate to a better card after the first year, as new fees (lots of them) start kicking in at that time.


4. Orchard Bank MasterCard

Why you want this card:

When you apply for an Orchard Bank card, they automatically offer their secured card if you do not qualify for the unsecured card. This means you only have to fill out one application instead of two, which saves you time and frustration. Orchard Bank reports to all three credit bureaus, rebuilding your credit. APR runs between 14.9%-19.9%, depending on your credit, with cash advance fees of 20.9%. Annual fees run between $39 and $59. Orchard Bank offers email and text message bill payment reminders, making it easy to remember to make the payment if this has been a problem for you in the past. Your account is accessible online and customer service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, so you can resolve any issues quickly.  



5. Imagine Gold MasterCard

Why you want this card:

All applications are accepted, so you don’t have to worry about applying for more cards. Payment is taken directly from your checking account through electronic transfer, which builds your credit effortlessly. The Imagine Gold Card APR is 11.5%, with a minimum rate of 19.5%. The annual fee is $150, with monthly maintenance fees.  Imagine Gold reports to all three credit bureaus, which will help you rebuild your credit.

Cards that Do Not Build Credit

Prepaid cards allow one the convenience of using a card when making purchases or payments over the telephone or on the internet.  However, prepaid cards are not true credit cards. Prepaid and debit cards will not help you to improve your credit, even though they bear the symbol of a credit card.

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